Megan Burns

Megan loves Jesus, her husband Brian, and her family & friends. She is passionate about proclaiming the gospel, discipleship, and counseling. She spent 3 years serving in the Philippines and misses Asia everyday. She graduated in May 2017 with a Masters degree in Biblical Counseling, and works as a counselor in the context of the local church.


About the Blog

We who have been saved by Christ and adopted as God’s children are forever changed. Our identity and worth are found in Him, and that fact impacts everything. As we walk through this life, we are together being remade whole… shaped and transformed, the image of God in us being restored for His glory.

My hope for this blog is to encourage believers as they walk this road… that they would know they are not alone, and that there is hope and fullness of joy in Christ. I want to equip believers, especially those serving overseas, to approach life’s struggles from a biblical perspective. Overall, my desire is to build up the church, to create a space where we can think and grow together.

Bare feet stepping on glass
We break along life’s paths
Our fear and loss, we bring it all to you
Soul-breather, making all things new
You’re making all things new

We come in pieces
We come in fragments
We come discolored
To the foot of the cross
Our Maker sees us
All that we have been
Bonds us together
The Image of God

Clay vessels molded for His own
Shall we question him who holds
And shapes us, for His perfect use
Soul-breather, making all things new
You’re making all things new

Soil breaking for the seed
Seed breaking for the life
His life broken for the soul
We are remade whole, remade whole.

– “Image of God” by More Than Rubies